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Tarot T810 6 axis Foldable Hexacopter Carbon Rack

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Tarot T810 6 axis Foldable Hexacopter Carbon Rack

Tarot T810, nearly the same with Tarot T800 Quadcopter, Foldable and portable, will be released soon this month. We accept preorder now. 

Tarot T810 Detailed Pictures:

Tarot T810 1

The pure carbon cover of Tarot T810 Folding Rack was imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven cloth, high temperature and high pressure prefabricated CNC precision machining. Pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber quality than conventional commercially available products, the overall performance beyond national standards for carbon fiber strip Requirements of the plate high strength level performance indicators.

Tarot T810 2

Tarot T810 Features:

  • The shortcut fold can be directly equipped with safe and reliable line, avoid the use of plug connection circuit.
  • The cover is used M3 head nut self-locking in the carbon fiber board, the thread structure using a unique design of the self-locking screw technology,
  • Has excellent resistance to lateral vibration.
  • The fast folding part of independent innovation Dia 40 metal dovetail groove Falcon riveting structural design, with strong clamping force.
  • Full carbon tube folding, the excellent damping non-slip feel.
  • Lightweight two-color motor seat multi-axis CNC machining, the overall design has a strong perspective effect for the body of the air Striking visual direction. Standard current within the lock-in-one anti-skid gold-plated hub.
  • Flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg.

Tarot T810 3

Tarot T810  Product parameters:

  • Weight: 1020G
  • Tube diameter: 25MM
  • Wheelbase: 810MM
  • The rack diameter: 850MM
  • Center cover Specifications: 210x 210x 2.0MM
  • The motor installation pitch: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM triangular shaped mounting

Tarot T810  4

Tarot T810 Recommended:

  • 4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B08
  • 1555 streamlined carbon multi-axis positive and negative paddle TL2812
  • 30-35 multi-axis ESC
  • 6S power battery 10000-15000mAh

Tarot T810  5

Tarot T810 Specifications:

  • T810 folding six-axis rackx 1
  • Coated diamond raspx 1
  • Water stickers groupsx 1
  • Color pointing stickers groupx 1
  • Magic stickyx 1
  • Manualx 1
  • Spare screw packagex 1

Tarot T810  6

Tarot T810 Related accessories:

  • T810 rack-mounted full-carbon tube (349MM) TL96011
  • T810 rack folding carbon nanotubes TL9609
  • The T810/T960 six-axis rack battery holder TL9608
  • M4 butterfly aluminum screw TL9606
  • Multi-axis metal locking clip TL9605
  • T810/T960 folding six-axis body cover TL9604
  • The Tarot 6-in-1 Hub group TL9607
  • The new 25mm Motor Mount / Black TL9603
  • The new 25mm Motor Mount / Orange TL9602
  • T810, T960 metal reinforced cover TL9601
  • 25mm Camera Mount tube folder / Black TL100A01-1
  • 8 axis Dia25mm pure carbon fiber Landing Skid TL100B05
  • 4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor / Orange TL100B08-02
  • 4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor / Black TL100B08 01
  • 1555 (the tip of the wing) efficient carbon fiber multi-axis Pros and Cons propeller TL2813
  • 1555 streamlined carbon multi-axis Pros and Cons propeller TL2812
  • 8 axis Dia25mm pure carbon fiber tripod TL100B05
  • The T810/T960 folding landing Skid TL96013
  • T810/T960 head mount kit TL96014
  • T810/T960 hanging battery holder group TL96015
  • Side panels, hood edge protector TL2768

Tarot T810  7

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  • Model: Tarot-T810
  • Manufactured by: Tarot

Customer Reviews:

by yve hop
Date Added: 05/19/2013
This tarot t810 or t800 is bigger than the fy650 for real, it came uninstalled, so looks tiny, it's a real nice flyer though.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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