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Tarot 450 PRO V2 FBL FBL RC Heli TL20006 w/ DEVO 10 RTF





The old verion tarot zyx has discontinued now, and the newest upgraded version is tarot zyx-s2, it is included in all our tarot 450 pro v2 super combo and rtf versions.

Tarot 450 PRO V2 FBL TL20006 Flybarless RC Helicopter with Devo 10 10 Ch transmitter

(Two Color)


450 pro v2 fbl


Tarot 450 PRO V2 FBL Flybarless RC Heli ARF TL20006 Flybarless


  • Newly improved low wind resistance specialized flybarless rotor head assembly, with reduced distance between rotor head and frame, effectively lowering the CG for better 3D performance.
  • Improved side frame design, with dedicated ZYX mounting location. 3GX can be placed in between frames, or behind anti-rotation guide, resulting in clean wire management and improved aesthetics.
  • Unibody main shaft and servo mount, simplifying servo replacement and improving ease of maintenance.
  • Longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount. Not only is the battery mount more rigid, the battery can be shifted based on its dimension for better CG.
  • High efficiency tail shaft drive design, dramatically reduce power loss associated with belt driven system, and at the same time increase power output.
  • Vertical rudder servo mount design moving the CG closer to center, improving agility during 3D maneuvers.
  • Unique opposing weighted tail blade grips effectively increase rudder and gyro performance, for superior tail locking and higher precision.
  • New aerodynamic canopy with paint scheme resembling the T-Rex 600E Pro, perfectly matched to the helicopter frame to create aesthetic perfection.
  • Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters.
    Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.


  • Length:638mm
  • Height:218mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:710mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter:158mm
  • Motor Drive Gea:14T
  • Main Drive Gear:150T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T
  • Tail Drive Gear:25T


    Newly designed head block with high rigidity and stability.
    Single piece integrated design of main bearing block and servo mount.
    Single piece integrated design of anti-rotation guide and gyro mount.
    Single piece integrated landing gear.
    Highly stable flybar control system.
    High precision bearing mixing arms.
    Newly designed high resolution swashplate.
    Single piece battery mount with integrated canopy mount designed to bring CG closer to disk plane.
    Highly rigid frame with single piece carbon side and bottom plates.
    Highly efficient shaft driven tail design.
    Weighted tail rotor blade grips to repel centripetal forces.
    Straight-up in-frame rudder servo mount for improved geometry.
    Newly designed aerodynamic canopy.
    Newly designed high torque motor.
    Newly designed high strength main blade grips.



450pro v2 fbl


Tarot 450 PRO V2 FBL Flybarless RC Heli TL20006 Super Combo

High precision main rotor assembly

Focus Shot1(Newly improved low wind resistance specialized flybarless rotor head assembly)

tarot 450 pro v2 rotor head

Focus Shot2(Grommet is made of nylon with MoS2.It Features wear-resisting and smooth for quick movement of swashplate. It improve control precision and lifetime.

tarot pro v2 swashplate

Focus Shot3(Integrated battery / ESC mount, allowing adjustment based on battery dimension for optimal CG of the helicopter)

tarot 450 pro v2 main frame

Focus Shot4(Newly designed gyro mount)

tarot pro v2 gyro mount

Focus Shot5(Newly designed main frame set to simplify servos installation and maintenance)

tarot 450 pro v2 main frame

Focus Shot6(Highly rigid frame with single piece carbon side and

tarot 450 pro v2 main frame

Focus Shot7(Vertical rudder servo mount design moving the CG closer to center)

tarot 450 pro v2 rudder servo mount

Focus Shot8(Newly improved side frame plate with special ZYX mounting locations. It can be mounted inside the frame, or behind the antirotation guide for better wire management and cleaner look )

tarot 450 pro v2 zyx mounting

Focus Shot9(Unique opposing weighted tail blade grips effectively increase rudder and gyro performance)

tarot 450 pro v2 tail

Focus Shot10(Single piece integrated landing gear)

tarot 450 pro v2 landing gear

Focus Shot11(Fiberglass painted canopy)

tarot 450 pro v2 canopy

devo 10

Package Inlucdes:

  Tarot 450 Pro V2 Flybarless Kit TL20006
    Tarot Pentium-40A ESC TL2345
    Tarot ZYX-S2 ZYX 3 Axis Flybarless Gyro
     450 PRO Brushless 3500KV/3800KV TL450M(X)
    450 T9257 Digital Tail Servo/1520us TL2301*1
    Tarot MD933 digital Servo TL2349 * 3 
    Tarot ZYX 3 Axis Stainless Adhesive Gel  TL2719
    Plastic Ball Link Wrench TL2161
    carbon blade * 1set
    Walkera Devo 10 transmitter*1
    Walkera RX1002*1
    Tiger 2200mah 11.1v 20c battery*1

Color: Silver/Black canopy color will also be different for the 2

Note: All Tarot helicopters are NOT ASSEMBLED, but it comes with detailed installation instructions. Helicopters can only be shipped by express.

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  • Model: 62882
  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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by Enver Garin
Date Added: 08/06/2014
Perfect Heli, Faster than many orders I have placed from China to the US.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by David Plat
Date Added: 10/31/2013
This is an excellent store, the heli is fantastic after the assembling, I will continue buying in this store.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Danny Beek
Date Added: 10/15/2013
Good Heli and it's very complicated, still in the assembling. Anyway the shipping is fast. Thanks for the good service and help from the Moonhobby service.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)


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