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M-3D 600 Premium Combo RC helicopter





M-3D 600 Premium Combo RC helicopter


I actually only a M3D-600, it makes me want to sell all my Align.
The price is reasonable, power is unbelievable great.
It's light, it's fast but it is also accurate.
Believe me, the heli will make you smile!!

M-3D 600 helicopter


This is a brand new helicopter designed and developed by Ming Da Technology in Taiwan. Very rigid well supported frames sporting a top mounting motor. Although this helicopter is a high end precision 3D machine intended to use a 6S 5000mAh battery. The hovering while taking off is very stable but it will still satisfy the different flight characteristic of even the most demanding of pilots.

The M-3D 600 is light, fast and extremely precise to sum it up very quickly. First to note is being cleverly constructed using many winning approaches seen on other designs. The one piece frames are high grade 1.8mm fiberglass and chosen for weight they are extremely strong. The servo layout is as direct and symmetrical as possible housed in aluminum mounts. The battery tray is adjustable on tilt and position.

The M-3D 600 spent a great amount of time being flown and developed by MD. They and their top pilots have engineered a very nice airframe. MD has engineered a very true running head which is very fast but the agility of this helicopter lies deeper, deeper then the direct servo to swash geometry. The M-3D is the perfect weight for the 600mm blades it swings. It uses standard size servos including the frame mounted tail servo.

The adjustable battery tray making it extremely easy to utilize all types of 6S and possibly even 8S batteries. The gear ratio is 1:9.2/10 with a 110T Mod 1.0 Herringbone gear making for a wide range of motor options! The maximum pitch range is +/- 14 degrees with a high-class design of tunable action-ratio for programming the head.

The ultimate concept of the designer is to fulfill “easy configuration, convenient maintenance, enough components, high stability, agile action, secure operation” and all of these have been completely realized on this helicopter.”


  • Overall Length: 1149mm
  • Width : 160mm
  • Height : 352mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 1240mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 250mm
  • Drive Ratio : 1:9.2/10:4.3
  • Flying weight: 2900g


M-3D 600 helicopter

M-3D 600 helicopter

M-3D 600 helicopter


  • Electric Power System
  • Full CNC Main Rotor Head and Tail Rotor
  • High Grade 1.8mm Fiberglass Side Frame
  • Thrust Bearing Main Rotor and Tail Rotor
  • CCPM Direct Servo Drive
  • Belt Driven Tail
  • Full Driven Tail Auto Rotation System
  • Frame Mount Tail Servo
  • New Auto-rotation Herringbone Main Gear Set with One Way Bearing (Belt driven).
  • Light-weight Fiberglass Painted Canopy
  • 4 point Canopy Mount
  • Adjustable Battery Mounting Tray
  • High Strength Light Weight 10mm Hollow Main Shaft, 6mm Tail Shaft
  • 3D Flying With 6S 5000mAh Li-po Battery

Package Included:

  • M-3D 600 Premium Kit
  • Scorpion HK-4020 1100Kv Brushless Motor
  • 100A ESC

Note:  Main blades is not included
          Canopy color might be different


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  • Model: 63160
  • Manufactured by: M-3D

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