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Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 4 axis Aircraft Combo with Power Equipment





Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 4 axis Aircraft Combo with Power Equipment

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer

The Gaui 500X four-axis aircraft compared with other aircraft, this Quad Flyer is main strong portable;which with a folding design, at the same time the assembly process is extremely simple and quick. Futhermore Gaui 500X Quad flyer also equipped with special backpack, More easy to carry out. You may need other UFO for your options.
Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 1
Gaui 500X Quad Flyer Introductions:
The Gaui 500x is bigger than the 330x, the 500x is equipped with a Scorpion 2212/960kv in comparison to the Scorpion 2208/1050kv from the 330x. It also comes with a larger wheel base and bigger ESC. The 500x can be fitted with a forward looking camera and 330x camera mount again very popular amongst film makers. 
Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 4
The superstructure type, water droplets Canopy with iron gray, really very pretty!Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 3
Gaui 500X Quad Flyer Features:
  • Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery (2S2000mAh) time of flight for more than 12min, with a high-capacity battery, the flight time will be 20 min or more (available spreadsheet calculation) 
  • Excellent wind resistance: the efficiency and load of propeller are perfectly optimized, so the wind resistance will be better than general electric aircraft.
  • High stability: When using GU-344 (three-axis stabilizing system) for the beginner or professional in combination with other electronics for FPV flying; making the GAUI Quad Flyer a very stable vehicle.  
  • Additional payload capabilities: Maximum Flying Weight is between 1100g to 2200g depending on power system used (330X GAUI Motors/ESCs or 500X GAUI Motors/ESCs), you can install cameras and video recorder, and other system. 
  • Operation mode and flight characteristics are similar to helicopter, but no complex transmission 
  • Collapsible body design, greatly reduce the damage rate, which can be repaired easily.

Note: For users who has transplanted GAUI 330X / 330X-S power systems (motors, ESCs) to the 500X Upgrade kit, please use 8 inch propellers. 10 inch propellers are for use with standard 500X motors/ESCs.

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 6

Motor fixed simpler, four holes can be fixed,  the bottom cover can be repaired with open, the overall shape modification is more perfect.

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 5

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer Package Included:

  • Quad Flyer Main Frame
  • 1pcs 10inch propellers(#222800)
  • 4pcs GUEC GM-412 BL Motor 960kV(#222413)
  • 4pcs GUEC GE-183 18A ESC(#222183)
  • GU-344 Stabilizer System(#210344)
  • Protection Frame(#222241)
  • Screw Driver Tool
  • Nylon/Leather Storage Carrying Bag(#222850)

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 7

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer 8

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer Optional Accessory:

  • 2S1P, 7.4V/ 2000mAh ~ 3S1P,11.1V 4000mAh LiPo battery

Gaui 500X Quad Flyer Packing size:

  • 64 cm x 17cm x 13.5 cm

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  • Model: Gaui-500x
  • Manufactured by: Gaui

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