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Compass Atom 500 FBL 500 size Heli with Motor & Blades





Compass Atom 500 FBL 500 size Heli with Motor & Blades

Compass Atom 500 heli

Compass Atom 500 is a 500 size heli which suitalbe for all pilot levels. The boom diameter is the same as a 50 sized heli, as the boom on the fuselage would have to be of similar dimensions.  Huge power with the stock setup, and just a blast to throw around. You may need Align Trex 500EFL.

Compass Atom 500 7

As with the current trend, this heli comes with pretty metal blings and esc and motor combo which current owners say is MORE than sufficent for good performance. The raptor/knight 3d style of tail pulley drives should be very maintaince free. Batteries are mounted along the axis of the boom while the motor is mounted on the lower half of the frame. 

Compass Atom 500 6

Compass Atom 500 Specification:

  • Length: 835mm
  • Height: 270mm
  • Rotor diameter: 962mm
  • Motor pinion available: 8T or 9T
  • Gear ratio 8T: 9.75:1:4.286
  • Gear ratio 9T: 8.67:1:4.286
  • Take-off weight: 1.75kg
  • Motor size: 500 BL HT
  • KV: 1080
  • Battery type: Lipo 6S
  • Rotor blades: 430mm
  • Tail blades: 70mm
  • Paddles: 11gr

Compass Atom 500 main frame

It looks like a decently sized motor.Compass Atom 500 body

Compass Atom 500 Features:

  • Best 3D performance
  • Precision ECCPM 120 degree metal swash plate
  • Aluminum rotor head
  • Aluminum tail rotor
  • Extra strong G10 or CF frame design
  • Large gear mod 1
  • Simple maintenance with easy access
  • Low parts count
  • 80% Pre-Assembled kit
  • Wear resistant parts
  • Extra large boom avoid any static loads
  • Extra large BL High-Torque motor
  • Estimate horse power more than 2HP
  • Designed for 6S battery
  • ESC with 3A BEC

Compass Atom 500 top view

Compass Atom 500 side view

Compass Atom 500 Pakcage Included:

  • Pre-Assembled Carbon Frame Set
  • Pre-Assembled Reinforced Main Gear
  • Pre-Assembled Performance Rotor Head
  • Pre-Assembled Precision Tail Rotor
  • Metal Tail Gear Case
  • High Quality Painted FG Canopy
  • Carbon Rotor Blades
  • 9T Pinion
  • 60A ESC with 3A BEC

Compass Atom 500 4

Compass Atom 500 5

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  • Model: Compass-Atom-500
  • Manufactured by: Compass

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