WLToys V977 Brushless RC Helicopter

WLToys V977 is a flybarless CP helicopter, has a tough and flexible main blade, flybarless design, without deformation and anti-wrestling. Its shockproof design, flexible landing skid and soft material are all amazing and remarkable.

This helicopter has applied brushless motor, which has super power, ultralow heat and long life, ensuring that this helicopter can perform well. It also has openwork gear, featuring complicated structure, sturdy and wearable, as well as ultralimit weight loss. All those features guarantee that this helicopter can work well for you if you have owned it.

Excellent performance

This helicopter has applied 3D mode activated 3-axis gyro, enabling aerobatics such as flips, rolls inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks. It is obvious that this helicopter can perform excellently, and various actions and movements can be done, capable of bringing you great fun of flying. Normal activated 6-axis gyro allows stable flight, suitable for beginners.

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