Where to buy gopro brushless gimbal?

The gopro hero series camera is not exceedable till today, for aerial photography, it’s light and accurate. We also need a good gimbal for it, that’s not an easy job to choose a suitable one, as there are too many gimbals for gopro in the market. We will ignore the brushed ones, as their shortcomings are obvious, so we will mainly talk about the gopro brushless gimbal.

There are also different one, where to buy gopro brushless gimbal becomes a huge question. The dji company supply it you may know, and the price is around $600, a good one if you have much $$$$. Tarot also worked out 2 different ones, the tarot gopro brushless gimbal tl68a00, and tl68a08, they are not of big difference, performs the same, both are very well, much better than those ones with varies brands or names. And it’s friendly for $$$$$.

tarot  tl68a00

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