Walkera Latest Helicopter New V120D02S Futaba Compatible Version

Walkera has always been a longly hero in the rc world, their products are not compatible with others, now they’ve just made a bit change to this, the updated the walkera new v120d02s to a more common one which is compatible with futaba radio, this is currently the latest walkera helicopter: walkera v120d02s futaba version.

this is surely a great news for rc hobbiest, we now don’t need to buy a walkera radio when we just need a simple ready to fly helicopter like walkera, we all know futaba as a good choice for radios, most of us have one or more futaba, now, we can just use them to control walkera helicopterl0l

I can’t see any difference between this new version v120d02s with the older normal devention version from their appearances, but performances differently.

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