The best mini 3D Helicopter

Blade mcpx,really stable, more stable than ncpx though it’s bigger, maintainence cost is lower than 130x, easier to control than mcpx bl,it’s definitely a very good one.

Blade nano,small in size, light in weight, also stable as blade.

FBL80,cheap in price we have to say, also the spare parts are cheap. Looks nice, powerful and anticrash. But the servos act slow, not that stable, so hard to say how good it is.

Blade 130x,it’s kind of a mixture of blade and FBL80,powerful, give you very good feeling of flying, but you have to upgrade it from the beginning to metal version.

Actually the walkera new v120d02s is also a good mini 3d walkera helicopter, could be fast or quiet just as how you want it to, beside it’s powerful. But the feathering shaft, cone gears, servo gears damage easily.

So generally speaking, all of them have their advantage and disadvantages, it’s just which one you like better.

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