Tarot 680pro Advantages and Disadvantages

Tarot 680pro Advantages and Disadvantages

The newly released tarot 680pro, we know has it’s advantages, but also disadvantages, here we conclude them briefly according to our experiences.

Frist of all,the advantages of the tarot t680pro: easy to properly seat those cables, looks neat,has advantage in weight too, also it’s canopy will protect it from getting dirty from dust, and looks really nice.

tarot 680pro

Secondly, the disadvantages of the tarot 680pro: the clips are still a bit weak,there is no place to install the gps installer after assembled the canopy,need an extra board.

tarot 680pro 2

Thirdly, flight testing: with gopro 3 camera,gimbal,osd,battery and all the other equipment weighted 23.1kg, with 480kv motor, 1355 carbon fiber propellers, 5200mah 4s battery we got 13 minutes Hover.

We need to mention, the longest propeller could be used on this copter is 13 inch one, as you can see in this photo, it leaves a 1cm room only l0l

tarot 680pro 3

With 6S 10000mah battery, we got 43min hover, pretty nice.

tarot 680pro 4

In conclusion, we do think this is a great improve for the foldable 6 axis, you may have a try.

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