Tarot 450 PRO V2 + Naza-H GPS Augmentation

We all know dji has a naza-h for rc helicopters, the GPS has the augmentation function, we are testing them on a tarot 450 pro v2, as you may want to know, we equipped it also with align esc and motor.

We take a video and quite a few pictures of it, we used both 11.1v 2200mah and 11.1v 4000mah battery for testing. Here bellow are some pictures:

This pictures shows the tarot 450 pro v2 functions gps Fixed point and height without moving on the controller.

tarot 450 pro v2 gps 1

This one with the 11.1v 2200mah battery

tarot 450 pro v2 gps 2

This one with the 11.1v 4000mah battery.

tarot 450 pro v2 gps 3

It flied as stable as you expected, a really fantastic combo.

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