RC Servo Motors

The motor which drive the RC Servos can classified into several different types:

  • Coreless – Conventional electric motors use copper wires wrapped around metal cores to form electromagnets. In a coreless motor, there is a metal mesh that rotates around the permanent magnets. Coreless motors respond more quickly than conventional motors, because they don’t have to overcome the momentum associated with heavy metal cores.
  • Brushless – RC helicopter Servos can be powered by brushless motors, giving them longer life, faster response time, and more torque.
  • 3 Pole and 5 Pole – DC Electric motors have permanent magnets, called poles, that electromagnets are attracted to. Servo motors can have either 3 or 5 poles, with more poles providing better torque. If you’re new to RC or have a regular sport model, you probably won’t notice the difference between 3 pole and 5 pole servos.

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