RC Helicopter or RC Airplanes

RC helicopter or rc airplanes ? this has always been a good and important question especially for beginners.

i myself live rc helicopter much better than rc airplanes, not for anything else, but i don’t have much time to drive out of the town to find a place to play an airplane, i’d rather staying at home, flying indoor, doing some bit hover, make some crashes, it will never hurt anything except a cat once, and the wall sometimes.

Basically rc helicopters is more difficult to control, more flexiable and react promptly to orders, so you need to concentrate on it when you are playing. rc airplanes is relatively easier to control, it’s usually bigger in size though. And to diy an airplane will be much of fun, i have a plan of building a big one when i’m retired.

So if you ask meĀ  rc helicopter or rc airplanes, i will surely say rc helicopter for now, but might be different in 30 years.

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