RC Helicopter Beginner Questions

RC Helicopter Beginner Questions:

Question No.1: Why do we need to do blades actuator / static balance?
Answer: static balance generally refers to the weight to be consistent with two blades, paddles balancing focus mainly refers to two uniform requirement! For example, we all know there are a lot of powerful bullets, but in fact the bullet weighs only 20 grams, it might actually comes from 700m / s or more high-speed, high-speed gives him extra momentum! High-speed rotation of the large paddle speed of up to the outermost 60m / s (200km / h) or more! Indeed the high kinetic energy can not be ignored. At that speed, the kinetic energy generated by different weight difference is very large, causing great shock! If two different paddle same weight and center of gravity, with a radius appears on the kinetic energy will vary. So make sure the main rotor static and dynamic balance!

Question No.2: What is sculls?
Answer: sculls refers to two or more pieces when rotating paddle, not in the same plane of rotation, but there are high and low! Two paddle shaped like scissors gaping mouth. Sculls are two or more pieces as the pitch propeller caused by different. As long as all of the paddle slightly different tags on, and one as a benchmark when observing other paddle rotating paddle in the upper or lower part of the benchmark, you can paddle on the other pitch (angle of attack) to fine-tune and again observed as observed one high and one low two to show that the plane of rotation has been eliminated sculls. Sculls will cause a strong vibration, it must be removed!

Question No.3: What is gyro, what does it do, why the price is expensive?
Answer: The role for the gyro is to balance the gyroscope helicopter direction, just as fixed-wing rudder. It can freely control the RC helicopter, remote control in the direction of instruction is not given, it will keep the original direction! It is a highly sensitive sensor with a miniature and highly automated equipment, so some of them are of relatively high price.

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