RC Helicopter Beginner Guide

i write this RC Helicopter beginner guide to help rc helicopter beginners know a bit more about rc helicopters, and it will be useful.

rc helicopter beginner guide #1

rc helicopters are for grown-ups, there are many people buying rc helicopters for children, we are not saying it’s bad, but it’s better to be rc toy helicopters which is smaller, slower, there is no danger for the kids. Also you need to be around them when they are playing a rc helicopter.

rc helicopter beginner guide #2

Before you start playing with your first rc helicopter, make sure there is no problem with the remote controller, and the throttle is down at bottom, this is very important.  If the throttle is not at the bottom, some radio may won’t start up, but for others, the helicopter may jump up at the moment it starts, and it will either break the helicopter or something else, too bad.

rc helicopter beginner guide #3

Never try to fly over 1m at your first flight. For all the professional rc helicopters, it’s very difficult to control before you left at least 1m from the groud, and this is the most difficult time for beginners. You need to be very plus patient with it, trust me, wasting time sometimes save you lots of time in the future.

rc helicopter beginner guide #4

Always remember to turn on the radio before rc helicopter, and to turn off the rc helicopter before radio, just in case the rc helicopter will loose signal if the radio is off while the rc helicopter is on.

I will write more next time, there are just too many basic points for beginners.

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