RC Heli Training Tips

Getting started with an RC helicopter hobby can be fun but learning how
to fly them can be difficult. There are several training help that can
help cut the learning curb in half.


Just be careful on what training aids you decide to get. Products like
a flight simulator will let you feel how the RC helicopter will fly. The
flight simulator will give you the feeling of flying an RC helicopter.

I have notice that as long as you setup the simulator to fit your flying
style you will have a great training tool in your hands.

The next training help that you can get is support from your local club.
People at RC helicopter clubs are the most helpful human beings. They
know were you are coming from and they have been where you are now.

There are very few RC helicopter clubs out there, but rapidly growing.

RC helicopter clubs will help you the most on your journey in learning
RC helicopters, from setting up to flying. If you can, try to attend the
clubs whenever you can.

Trust me, you will learn something everyday.

Learning without any training aids will end up costing you a lot of money.
Opposed to having training aids that will help you from not crashing (if
used properly).

I’m not telling you that you will not crash with these training aids.


What I’m saying is that you will have a lot less crashes, saving you
money as a result. There are some training aids that I did not cover but
if you browse through my site you will find some more information that
I cover in much more detail.

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