How to track your RC Heli Blades (3)

Step 3:The tracking is adjusted by turning the pitch rods located on the main rotor.

For the blade that’s spinning on the top path (blade with no tape), make the length of the rod longer by half a turn. For the blade that’s spinning on the bottom path (the blade with tape), shorten the length of the pitch rod. Once again, turn the pitch rods one half turn each time. Keep repeating steps two and three until you get it right.

Step 4: Once the tracking is more closely aligned and you can fly safely, increase the throttle so that the heli starts to lift.

Bring the helicopter to eye level; keep your eyes on it and double check that the blades are perfectly tracked.

This step will let you increase the blades’ speed so you are better able to see if they are aligned. If not, make the necessary corrections as mentioned in the previous steps.

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