How to track your RC Heli Blades (1)

You may track your blades because if they are misaligned, they will cause your helicopter to shake too much. The shaking will loosen parts that shouldn’t be loose.

With aligned blades, you will notice your helicopter fly smoother when you give it a command. It will also keep the RPM of the blades at the intended speed.

Step 1: Place some temporary red tape or even some grey duct tape on the tip of one blade.

This will allow you to tell the difference between each blade when they are spinning. It’s a great way to get a visual on misaligned blades Up to this point, tracking is strictly done by eye.

If the blades are correctly tracked and you have one tagged with tape, you’ll see the tape continuously. If the blades are misaligned, you will see two blades, one on top of the other: one with tape and the other without.

When you get closer to aligning the blades, you won’t be able to see the individual blades. As this is difficult to convey with words, take a look at the picture below. Notice that the blades look like one big spinning disk holding the helicopter in mid-air. It may take you awhile to be able to recognize this.

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