How to track your rc heli blade (2)

Step 2:  With the RC helicopter placed on flat ground, gently increase the throttle stick until you see the blades speed up.

Notice how it bunny-hops right before it starts to lift – that’s what you are aiming for. Don’t allow it to hover. Keep your eyes on the helicopter at all times.  I mean it, at all times!

Then, get on your knees or your belly. Keep a safe distance. Inspect the blades: both blades have to follow the same straight path. In other words, when you look at the rotating blades you’ll notice only one blade that looks like a spinning disk.
If the blades look like they are following the same path, then you are good to go.

But if they are off track, the blades will appear on top of each other. If they are off by at least one quarter of an inch, you will need to adjust them.


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