How to fly RC Airplanes (3)—Preparing your RC airplane

Third Step: Final Assembly of your RC Airplane

Depending on the size of your airplane and where your flying site is in relation to home, you might need to transport the wing unattached and fix it when you get to the field. This is quite normal; have a few practice runs fixing the wing at home so you don’t need to refer to the manual when you’re at the field.

Another thing you may or may not need to do is attach the propeller. This should also be a simple task, you just need to make sure you put it on the right way (if there are numbers on the prop, these usually face forwards) and make sure to do the securing nut up tightly. But be careful not to over tighten and strip the thread.

Use good quality disposable alkaline cells or rechargeable cells for Transmitter batteries. The reason you need good cells is simple – the signal from the transmitter to the receiver has to be as strong as possible, and this can only happen with good RC Battery in the transmitter. If the signal is weak, your airplane will quickly go out of radio range and you’ll lose control – crash!

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