How to fly RC Airplanes (2)—know your RC airplane

Second Step: Know your RC Airplane

Study the manual

Now we’re going to assume that you’ve either bought an RTF electric airplane or that you’ve built from a kit or an ARF.

The first thing you need to do is gather together all the parts and familiarise yourself with everything that’s reading the manual.

Don’t be tempted to think “OK, that all looks easy enough, where’s the nearest park….” and throw the manual back in the box. Take your time to study the manual carefully and get comfortable with everything; which transmitter sticks do what, how things should be connected, how the wing has to be secured, what to check for before flying…. If it’s in the manual, learn it!
And of course, many RTF electric rc airplanes these days include an instructional DVD or CD Rom – if there is one, watch it several times.

The real key to understanding an instruction manual/disc is to go through it once before doing anything with the plane, and then go through it again step-by-step, with the plane on the bench. The second (or third) time you read the manual, things won’t be so alien to you and you can easily relate the instructions to the plane as you work through them.

If the manual isn’t up to scratch, or there’s something – anything – about your airplane that you don’t understand, take some time to search this website or feel free to join the forum to ask for help. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly rc forums on the web, so you can ask as many stupid questions as you like without getting shot down!

Whether you use this website or join the forum, or just rely on the instructions that come with the plane, be comfortable and confident with knowing everything about your rc airplane as possible.

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