How to choose Gyro for the RC Helicopter

The RC gyro or Radio controlled Helicopters gyroscope is an electric-mechanical device which is used to stop the body of the helicopter to revolve or
rotate around its own axis.

It is usually fitted between the tail rotor and the receiver and senses any change in the rotational movement and compensates the force moving the angle of the rotor thus creating a force in the opposite direction nullifying the effect.

There are a variety of rc heli gyro’s available in the commercial market and price of each differs from each another. The price of the gyro depends on the features it has. The more the advance is on a RC heli gyro, the more it will cost.

But mostly all gyro’s provide the basic functionality of controlling the axial rotation of the helicopter.

If you are a beginner then a constant heading hold would be a nice option to start with. The constant heading hold feature lets you control the
side to side and backward to forward of the RC helicopter while keeping the tail still.

This feature is very useful as it lets the beginner have full control of the RC helicopter without worrying about the tail rotor.

The common brands of RC heli gyro’s available in the market are Futaba, JR Futaba being the most popular and is available in many models.

Futaba produces a wide range of RC heli gyros with advanced features like Active Angular Velocity Control System or commonly known as AVCS
and Silicon Micro Machine components. These advance features makes the gyro more stable and with a high accuracy of functioning.

The latest series being the GY series from Futaba, which consist of different models, like GY240, GY401, GY502, and GY601.

With the experience that I have with RC helicopter gyros, is that they’re not that hard to set up. Just follow the instruction and you should not
have any problems with it.

The above information is written, so that you can have an understanding on how the RC heli gyro works. Most people just buy it with knowing on
the mechanical of it. It’s good just to know how it works.

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