FPV Camera Choosing (1)

When selecting your FPV camera, you have two primary decisions to make, the imaging device type (CCD or CMOS) and the analog video encoding type (NTSC or PAL).

FPV Camera Imaging Device

CCD means for charged coupling device and CMOS means for complementary metal oxide semiconductor. So which makes a better FPV camera? There are certainly exceptions, but CCD is almost always the better choice for FPV.

CCD type cameras have better low light & high light level performance (much better low light flying and they don’t dim the entire image down so much you can’t see anything when you point the camera near or into the sun). They are also less susceptible to rolling shutter artifacts that tend to cause Jello or image wobble. They are not prefect however as they generally weigh a little more,  a little bigger, cost more, and use a little more power, compared to CMOS; but when flying FPV, image performance trumps camera efficiency/size/weight. Sticking with a small CCD FPV camera is generally your best choice.

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