450 Size Heli—Best RC Helicopter To Start With?

Most people will be impressed and somewhat biased towards 450 size electrics. This is due mainly to cost (both up front, for parts, & batteries) and the fact that the good ones work very well for beginner fliers right up to pros… In short, one heli will follow you from your first one inch hop off the ground to your first loop, roll, or even scale fuselage if scale is your ultimate goal. 450’s are big enough to see in the sky, but small enough not to be overly intimidating/dangerous to learn/start on.



Either Tarot 450 Pro or Tarot 450 Pro v2 areĀ  for the most part give you the most rotor size per dollar ratio of all collective pitch RC helicopter sizes ranging from micro up to monster. 450’s also give fairly long flight times per battery pack/charge. These are all very important benefits and why should we consider 450’s the best RC helicopter to start with and learn on.


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