Upgraded Tarot FY680:A Real Beauty!

In one word, the upgraded tarot fy680 are tidy with all the cables, skid is strong, weights totally 1900g(exclude battery), it gets my satisfaction for sure.
upgraded tarot fy680 upgraded680-2 upgraded680-3 upgraded680-4
Many friends are asking about the equipments, it’s 1255 cabon fiber blades, actually it could be 1355, the motors are sunnysky 3508 380kv, hobbywing platium 30A ESC.

For the esc,you’d better open and reweld the cables this will help a lot in losing their weight:)

The safer foldable skid won’t get lose during taking off.

The lights are seated at the tilt side of the motor seat, this make you to see the lights from different sides, powered by 24v voltage.

We are planning to put a Miniature camera on it, to do some harder flights, the total flight weight will be no more than 5kgs,with 6S 10000mah battery, it supposed to last 20 minutes.

The best mini 3D Helicopter

Blade mcpx,really stable, more stable than ncpx though it’s bigger, maintainence cost is lower than 130x, easier to control than mcpx bl,it’s definitely a very good one.

Blade nano,small in size, light in weight, also stable as blade.

FBL80,cheap in price we have to say, also the spare parts are cheap. Looks nice, powerful and anticrash. But the servos act slow, not that stable, so hard to say how good it is.

Blade 130x,it’s kind of a mixture of blade and FBL80,powerful, give you very good feeling of flying, but you have to upgrade it from the beginning to metal version.

Actually the walkera new v120d02s is also a good mini 3d walkera helicopter, could be fast or quiet just as how you want it to, beside it’s powerful. But the feathering shaft, cone gears, servo gears damage easily.

So generally speaking, all of them have their advantage and disadvantages, it’s just which one you like better.

Walkera Latest Helicopter New V120D02S Futaba Compatible Version

Walkera has always been a longly hero in the rc world, their products are not compatible with others, now they’ve just made a bit change to this, the updated the walkera new v120d02s to a more common one which is compatible with futaba radio, this is currently the latest walkera helicopter: walkera v120d02s futaba version.

this is surely a great news for rc hobbiest, we now don’t need to buy a walkera radio when we just need a simple ready to fly helicopter like walkera, we all know futaba as a good choice for radios, most of us have one or more futaba, now, we can just use them to control walkera helicopterl0l

I can’t see any difference between this new version v120d02s with the older normal devention version from their appearances, but performances differently.

Futaba Compatible Walkera Mini 3d helicopter New V120D02S

Walkera has always been a loner, not compatible with anybody, they have just made a bit progress with this, their walkera new v120d02s has been updated to a futaba compatible one, means you now don’t need to buy a walkera radio if you don’t like it, as long as you have a futaba transmitter, i have to believe this will be a good news for many futaba lovers.

The other specifications are still the same with the older version of the new v120d02s, in their middle size, 6 axis, i myself haven’t tried it with another brand radio yet, but it’s been tested many times in the walkera factory, we are waiting for more comments on it.