RC Helicopter or RC Airplanes

RC helicopter or rc airplanes ? this has always been a good and important question especially for beginners.

i myself live rc helicopter much better than rc airplanes, not for anything else, but i don’t have much time to drive out of the town to find a place to play an airplane, i’d rather staying at home, flying indoor, doing some bit hover, make some crashes, it will never hurt anything except a cat once, and the wall sometimes.

Basically rc helicopters is more difficult to control, more flexiable and react promptly to orders, so you need to concentrate on it when you are playing. rc airplanes is relatively easier to control, it’s usually bigger in size though. And to diy an airplane will be much of fun, i have a plan of building a big one when i’m retired.

So if you ask meĀ  rc helicopter or rc airplanes, i will surely say rc helicopter for now, but might be different in 30 years.

qr w100s: New wifi flyer from walkera

You may still happy with the walkera qr w100, we heared the walkera factory is working on the qr w100s which is a updated w100, it looks similar, but will be more stable and stronger than the qr w100.

qr w100s

The specs are unknown yet, but should be similar to the version I, these are for the version one though:

  • Enjoy FPV Fun flight used with Wifi Net freely flight
  • Used with Wifi net freely flight, can easily control the RC Helicopters or RC Cars etc through WIFI, Support Iphone, Ipad, Itouch series products, can also work with Walkera Devo series radio.
  • Support Iphone, Ipad, Itouch series products
  • The newest Wifi Series Quadcopter, can control the RC helicopters or RC cars through the WIFI, and can view the video in real time and enjoy the First Person View and have more fun.
  • The Radio/ Phone will received the signal directly from the aircraft. No need to use with the network, you can flight it at anytime, anywhere.
  • You can enjoy the real control feeling though the gravity sensor to move the helis/ quads to right, left, back and forward. And the most fantastic thing is your family members or friends can watch the video on their Iphone/ Ipad while you are flying the aircraft. It’s great fun to share the happy feeling.
  • Iphone/ Ipad/ Touch is able to control the Mini quadcopter flight by WIFI. The control range is about 80m (depend on the WIFI net). There is 30W pixel HD camera with this product.
  • The gravity Sensor could be activated to improve the pilot’s hand-feeling when use cell phone to control the flight. It will make more stable flight and fun.
  • Support Iphone, Ipad, Itouch series products, and also can be used with Walkera Devention Series radio include: Devo 4, Devo 6/6s, Devo 7/7E, Devo 8S, Devo 10, Devo 12s.

Tarot FY680: A very best folding rack

The tarot FY680 could be one of the best products from tarot company, its made of pure carbon, so light and strong in material. The biggest feature of this rack is it’s fodable, so it stands in a small box, and you can put it into your car easily whe you go out with it.


There are also other tarot quadcopters, some are similar to this tarot fy680, you can also make the comparision though. the full set of rack only weighs 600 grams. Full folding design, the needle
Designed for users with high portability requirements, particularly suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance,Observed fire, life exploration, the cable line patrol, farm monitoring, and other high mobile performance requirements.